Monday, January 10, 2011

hallo 11.1.11

halluu..its been a while since like forever i left my blog with an empty entry rite..
so, hows ur new year??i didnt expected wow for this year yaww..
this is my check list for this year
1. to complete my final semester with flying colour...ur wish.. complete my goal in wedding moment capture ( at least 10 customer by the end of this year)
3. be mom good boy..
4. get 10-20mm widey angle lense.

i think 4 is enough 4 this while...coz in final project, we have to minimize our objective for the sake of the project..the more the risky..hehehe..
so here i am..standing and writing this..
so the engine start now...

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amymoose Photography

This Blog is mainly about my arts works that came out from my EOS 1000d...maybe it doesnt give u guys any impact...but im on my learning process n hopefully there will be more picca i can get latter on n i hope it will show u guys my passion towards photography...heehehe...anyway, thanks for viewing my blogs..and dont be regret yet...i promise to give u a better picca latter...TUNGGUUUUU