Saturday, January 15, 2011

the begining of me

this photos was taken by Sue Anna joe during my first attemption on photography courses conducted by itudio Studio. this is the begining of my career..the step to be mature in this D-SLR experiences. sometimes, when we wanna to do something..we have to be ensure that our fundamental is strong..if not..we will do it for, this is me past few years before..and now..i realise that the learning process will never end.

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amymoose Photography

This Blog is mainly about my arts works that came out from my EOS 1000d...maybe it doesnt give u guys any impact...but im on my learning process n hopefully there will be more picca i can get latter on n i hope it will show u guys my passion towards photography...heehehe...anyway, thanks for viewing my blogs..and dont be regret yet...i promise to give u a better picca latter...TUNGGUUUUU