Tuesday, January 11, 2011

cheep camera

this isone of the picture taken by sue anna joe..
there was a situation when one start to compared his gadgets with others..he sound a lil bit like this ( hey u dy pakai cam ape???1000d je...hurm gamba biase je..tu pakai ape? gamba cun la ni).so lame la it really need to judging their art by depending on their gadget...huh..lame..

this is the answer for u... whats wrorng with the gadget??...

there is one thing that we have to look before we judging the gadget

sue anna joe...winning a award for susuk poster by only use 350d of her photos just taken by using compact cam...its not the gadget we were looking for, but the creativity is the main factor that we should consider rebuild ur perceptions towards others..DSLR is only an item that people can express their creativity ok. u like it or not..this is the fact. keep going with ur gadget.. and try to produce a great picture ok.

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  1. Tolong remove gambar sue anna joe. Kerja sama anda amat dihargai


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This Blog is mainly about my arts works that came out from my EOS 1000d...maybe it doesnt give u guys any impact...but im on my learning process n hopefully there will be more picca i can get latter on n i hope it will show u guys my passion towards photography...heehehe...anyway, thanks for viewing my blogs..and dont be regret yet...i promise to give u a better picca latter...TUNGGUUUUU