Monday, February 1, 2010

Temple of The king

its all about the outing...totally change my 1st experience entered the temple....but it is safe coz all of us is local citizen city....there is no harm,and no distruction, people just ignore us and welcome us kindly...but it my new experience to know how temple works for chinese people...should visit sometimes 4 extraordinary picture and different perception...its all about conceptual...

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amymoose Photography

This Blog is mainly about my arts works that came out from my EOS 1000d...maybe it doesnt give u guys any impact...but im on my learning process n hopefully there will be more picca i can get latter on n i hope it will show u guys my passion towards photography...heehehe...anyway, thanks for viewing my blogs..and dont be regret yet...i promise to give u a better picca latter...TUNGGUUUUU