Saturday, February 27, 2010

amymoose VS nature

am i approaching all the needs to be a landscape such a long journey for me to go for being a landscaping dude..but,at least i try all fields in photography...huhuh...enjoy the view and the nature that im trying to share with u guys.

1 comment:

  1. wow... mood nature eh.. sgt bes gmba2 ni..
    nmpk subjek yg nk ditonjolkn..
    2nd n 5th pic mmg pic yg same eh? aku suke yg 5th tuh.. color soft sket coz yg 2nd tu bright sgt.
    love the tone!

    p/s: pasni try focus n amek subjek secara dekat lak.. seyes, interesting!


amymoose Photography

This Blog is mainly about my arts works that came out from my EOS 1000d...maybe it doesnt give u guys any impact...but im on my learning process n hopefully there will be more picca i can get latter on n i hope it will show u guys my passion towards photography...heehehe...anyway, thanks for viewing my blogs..and dont be regret yet...i promise to give u a better picca latter...TUNGGUUUUU