Sunday, February 7, 2010

another paper to go n im out to KL

4 hari yang sangat siyokk...

have no idea when peops talk about the different life mase poli n kat U..
now, baru la ak tau camne aseny dok U neh
beza poli n U
mase poli : kuiz = latihan je

test = skc mkn (sekacang mungkin) siap stdy sehari sblom lg

final = lg la, same je application dy mcm test...cume awal sehari 2 je stdy ny

skrang, U : kuiz = macam test lak... mode: stay up mlm(kalo larat)

test = mcm final lak....mode: reading machine..
final = kill2 die2.......

yang syokny cuti : poli = sebulan(kemut)

U = bak datang, dua bolan( heaven)

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