Tuesday, June 29, 2010

just a photorider

in this post i just wanted to share wif u oll bout..
da mcm mask rider kan..
its always a same question that people and customer asked me...nek moto je..
yup...i ran my photography work dengan berbekalkan moto je.
but kengkadang ats ikhsan orng dpt pinjam kete gak..
normally...i will ride my bro scutt..WLA 8484..nampak jangan langga tau..mintak sain je bole
moto ni transport utama i untk kemane2
slaluny..kalo ade wedding job..i will load it up with my tripod...
cammy whole set letak bwh seat
tripod digalas mcm pedang samurai
beg baju spare..ltk kat lantai..hehehe..then..brum2..up2 and away
tp slalu je ade insan perihatin yang bagi ak pinjm kete..
so to Zharif rahim & abah..terima kasih bg pinjam kete korng..
appreciate that..
gamba situasi ni akn diupload xlame lae

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