Sunday, January 24, 2010


Photo Malaysia is one of the platform where photographers can meet their old freinds and making a new one. basically, komuniti ini hanya memperluaskan kenalan melalui dunia maya dimana segal perkanalan,perbincangan, pertukaran pendapat hanya dilaksanakan melalui media maya...hahaha...sedikit mukadimah dan perbincangan mengenai komuniti ini...okey, proceed to the main topic, OUTING..this is my first outing with 100++ participant a.k.a incredible photographer yang memang smart amek gamba...smue golongan ade, dari kanak2, remaja, dewasa, atok2 pon ade...atok,atok gak...ko tunggu jap bile dy da shoot..memang kentang la..menanah gusi korang....tentatif dy, kumpul blakang KTM KL, tngkp gmbq, pas2 bhagi2 kumpulan, then my group,(group F) decided to go to the central market, Petaling street, then temple, patah balik g KTM, amek Shoot kat ketapi lak, pastu berkumpul balik kat Masjid negara, tnggu model agak tua gak...pas2 dalm kul 12 lebey,model ape ag, 1,2,snap..gosh so great...

antara model terlibat...

1. ariene

2.mandy(greatest model of the day)


4.mamat ak xkenal nameny

last but not least, this event is damn so good, and for those out there who wanted to learn new skills, and making new friends....join the CLUB babe..u wont regret....there many to come latter

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