Sunday, March 6, 2011

monday is english day

time went so fast and left us without saying go i goodbye.
it is reality that we have to face off rite now as a human being
today is the first day of week 10th...and as a student, there come the date of all submission bai
may Allah bless me for this whole week.
i want to show u guys my list for this sick weeks
1. integrated design project (structural and earthworks maa)
2. run of designing staircase for structural concrete design
3. KKP as always (even it is a 1hour credit...the assignment as same as others killer subject lol)
4.PSM-(Project Sarjana Muda: i have to complete whole documantation from chapter 1 untill 3)
5.Foundation Engineering (uwaaahhhh!!!)
6.Building Services 1..complition of two assignment

so...and soo....and another sooo...
this is ma whole checklist for this whole week yaww..
makes me wanna puke..
wonder how my total week flow...dizzy and strugling

what happen last week??
last week is dark and slow maa
theres many thing that i wanna just let it b on last week
last weekend, i went to 2 sungai was sg sembrong and sg Bekok
it was an amazing weeks since i could lay my hand for my freind whose wanna to grab a sample for their Final Year Project (PSM) kinnda awkward to write it down here..but who cares..this is my effort to improving my english..
for those out there..
learn it earlier before its too late...

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