Monday, March 22, 2010


uwaaaaaaa....stkat ni..yang ak da kire, 6 outing ak da terlepas....time2 mcm ni la outing syok2...yang tinggl baki untuk 2 buln cuti ni ak pon xtau la camne...senarai outing yang ak da melapas:

1. outing broga hills
2.outing ulu yam ngn sape nth ak ade abu n kak bucu
3.outing shazli shots(i city) yang ni men cls (hok ni yg geram...da la susa nk dapat)
4.outing ngn alangraphy (cls gak)
5.outing Photo Malaysia (Titiwangsa)
6.Outing alangraphy

what a number dow.....
but one things for sure.
location detected....hahahaha...sapa mao ikot..jom p KL
location bayek punya

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